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A Candle Rock is a study in elegant simplicity. When lit, the effect is magical. All that is visible is a flame dancing on the face of bare rock.

Each one is made from a flat, natural rock, and no two Candle rocks can ever be the same. Every individual candle rock is as unique as a fingerprint. Some stones are mostly tan, others mostly grey and they all come from the same source. You can choose between the two hues.

Candle rocks are actually oil lamps. Under each one is a hidden, shallow glass bowl that contains common lamp oil. The wicks pass through the rocks into the oil, and are held in place by a glass collar. Everything you need for them is here.

Candle rocks come preassembled, and all you need is to fill them with oil. The wicks are fiberglass and never need to be replaced.

Each one comes with a convenient squeeze bottle to fill the hidden bowl.

Made with pride by our craftsmen in North Carolina.

Please see the F.A.Q. page before you buy a candlerock (or even buy a Candlerock immitation).


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